Sierra Madre combines first-world private equity expertise

with unparalleled local investment experience

to support ambitious entrepreneurs

and deliver sustainable growth in the philippines


Sierra Madre is a private equity (PE) group. Sierra Madre actively invests in and engages with companies to help them deliver

significant change in their trajectory through strategy development, operational improvement and

enhanced governance and sustainability practices.


Sierra Madre’s team brings multi-stage investment experience across start-up, high-growth, carve-out,

leveraged buyout and buy & build situations. Across economic cycles, the team has successfully delivered

returns to investors, realizing investments through initial public offerings (IPOs), trade sales,

private equity recapitalizations and management buy-backs.


Sierra Madre differentiates itself from global and regional private equity groups with its deep

and extensive local business and management networks built over decades.


By being on the ground, Sierra Madre is often able to gain access to deal flow ahead of firms that cover

the local market from overseas. Sierra Madre leverages the experience and reputation of its partners

in raising capital, attracting management talent and adding strategic value to portfolio companies.

Sierra Madre Team

Seated Left to Right: Jhoi Hocson, Ria Dizon, Greg Rivera and Angelo Lee
Standing Left to Right: Alfred Awe and Martin B. Tan

For Potential Partners Banner

For Potential Partners

Whether you’re the founder of the company looking to take a step back from the day-to-day operations of the business

or ensure a smooth transition to the next generation, a family committed to creating rewards and opportunities

for your employees, or simply an ambitious owner seeking to take the business to the next stage of growth,

Sierra Madre’s team has the experience, know-how, and passion to help you maximize the value of your company,

while addressing your unique needs and challenges.

How sierra madre creates value


Sector Expertise

Sector Expertise

Sierra Madre has expertise working with companies

in multiple sectors, including the following:


Success comes from working closely together in pursuit of common objectives.

Typically, we look to invest in businesses that demonstrate these key qualities:

You may contact us through:

Sierra Madre Advisers, Inc.

1F First Lucky Place

2259 Pasong Tamo Extension

Makati City 1231 Philippines

Tel (63) 2 772-0340


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